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The Foundation Trilogy.

Isaac Asimov started with "Foundation" (3) in 1951 and subsequently annually

 "Foundation and Empire" (4) 1952 and "Second Foundation" (5) 1953.

29 years later when the devotees of the original trilogy were rewarded by

 "Foundation's Edge" (6) 1982, "Foundation and Earth" (7) 1986, "Prelude to Foundation" (1) 1988

 and finally "Forward the Foundation" (2) 1993,

 Isaac took 42 years to complete this exceptional journey and some consider it a must read masterpiece.

Reading will be best enjoyed in the sequence Isaac intended: (1) through to (7).

There are other novels in the iRobot file containing many other works.
which may be of interest especially to you and for your elevation to


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"Prelude to Foundation"

"Forward the Foundation"

Original trilogy in one file.

"Foundation and Empire"
Original trilogy in one file.

"Second Foundation"
Original trilogy in one file.

"Foundation's Edge"

"Foundation and Earth"

"iRobot and much more"

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