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Pea Pods 1 Size Denim

Pea Pods 1 Size Denim
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Product ID: 7359
Manufacturer: Pea Pods
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Pea Pods One Size - Denim

One Size from birth to toilet training. Includes ultra absorbent bamboo insert.

Pea Pods ONE size nappies are so simple to use, you'd never guess there is an ingenious adjustment system hidden neatly inside the nappy.

With a pocket opening at the front AND back, inserting and removing the included bamboo absorber has never been easier. Look closer at the front opening and you'll see the adjustable slide system for the leg elastic - simply adjust the sizing to suit baby and you're ready to go. There's no fuss, just an easy adjustment when baby grows to the next stage.

From a tiny newborn to toilet trained toddler, Pea Pods ONE size will give a stylish trim fit.

PLUS, Pea Pods ONE size offer two options for absorber placement. Place it inside the pocket as normal, OR snap it in place. The snaps and adjustment system are hidden inside so no elastic or plastic touches baby's skin.

For even greater economy, bamboo absorbers are available for separate purchase. Simply change the absorber and reuse the outer shell (when using the snap in option). Be sure to change outer shell if wet.

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