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A New Parents Guide.
The goods and chattels you will need for your newborn.

Reference books for readers of the parents guide above.
“Your Baby and Child” by Penelope Leach 2010 or
“Baby & Childcare” by Dr. Benjamin Spock rev 2012 (orig 1946)

Baby names from last century
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1900s    1910s    1920s    1930s    1940s
1950s    1960s    1970s    1980s    1990s

Chopin Advertisment
Lovely and melodic during pregnancy.

Growth Chart
Printable for wall mounting to keep track of babies height.

Height Chart
Minimum/maximum height chart birth to 4 years.

Hospital Checklist
Pack your bag in advance.

How a Child Grows part 1
ABC programme for you education.

How a Child Grows part 2
ABC sequel to Part 1 above.

Your child's record for life.

Keeping Baby Safe
A Government Guide to Nursery Furniture

Average milestones birth to 18 months.

Mothers Diet
Recommended diet for mothers to be.

Nappy Folding
For those who still use cloth nappies.

Pre-birth Photos
Photographs of the embryo's  progressive development Kitzinger & Nilsson.

Scientific American's contribution for new parents.

Weight Chart
Minimum/maximum weight chart birth to 4 years.

Womb Music
Music for your phone to assist baby to sleep.


By courtesy of "Gemtree" and their 'Peter Programming System', here are a selection of educational computer games for your baby and infant:

Left click to download any file. They are all executable (.exe) files but safe - accept the risk and save to a directory of your choice.

Addition Up to 10 - trials to add up to 10.

Addition Up to 99 - trials to add up to 99.

Alphabet - tutorial of the alphabet for the smallest. Based on the pictures associated with the letters the children are able to learn the alphabet and try to write on the keyboard.

Carrot - the rabbit is singing and running to catch the carrot. Very favourite with children. It demonstrates the "backward programming". How can be programmed backwards in Peter? Press the TAB key, and you will see.

Earthworms - you hunt coloured earthworms running on the sheet.

Fifteen - a classical game, the aim of which is to assemble 15 blocks

Filler - picture painting. This program, which is intended for little children, makes possible to fill areas of black and white pictures with colors. A part of it are 40 ready nice pictures to which further ones can be added easily.

Flip-Flop - Peter and Lucy walk around the sheet and swap between them items from the sheet. It shows how to work with items.

Keys - a keyboard test. An example of keyboard usage.

Labyrinth - a maze. Peter searches the way in the labyrinth to save Lucy. It contains 20 scenes.

Little Peter - a programming tool. Peter has a small son, called little Peter. He, too, can program. Using it, you can build houses and castles, even if you are perhaps only five years old.

Multiplication Up to 10 - trials to multiply up to 10.

Multiplication Up to 99 - trials to multiply up to 99.

MusicBox - a jukebox. It plays MID compositions that are a constituent of the program (28 compositions), displaying relaxing line patterns.

Number in Words - transfer of a number into a text representation. The entered number is written out in a word representation (123 = "one hundred twenty three"). This is suitable for filling out money orders.

Peter Has Dirty Legs - as the title says, childlike trifle, but nice.

Piano - a music instrument. You can play on the computer keyboard like on a piano. It contains 5 music instruments having a realistic sound (piano, sine tone, guitar, organ, violin). Easy key transposition. It displays the played tone frequency. It can be used for tuning music instruments or as a frequency standard. Very suitable for music tuition.

Roman Numbers - converts numbers to Roman numbers and back.

Snake - version of the classic game Snake. The snake is creeping on the desktop, eating various objects. This is a demonstration program from the Peter application manual.

Speak and Type - typing for children. The task is to type the name depicted in the picture. Full sound distribution.

Spelling - a spelling of texts. The entered text is spelled (pronounced) according to a spelling table ("Alpha - Bravo - ..."). Very useful at codes saying by phone.

Track - little cars leave a coloured trace on the desktop behind them.

Train - a logical game of the Snake type. It practises accuracy, perception, combinational and logical thinking. The aim of the game is to collect all objects in the scene an to pass a gate. There are 50 scenes in the game.

Walker - an example of the sprite operation. A likeable little program in which a figure is walking randomly on the desktop, finding various objects.

Writing - a simple text editor. Suitable for beginners.

Thanks again to the 'Peter Programming Tool' at Gemtree


English  Right click here to download the zipped files. This programme is ideal for early learners - an almost complete course on most parts of speech in the English language plus spelling. (Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Nouns, Prepositions, Pronouns and Verbs. Missing determiners and interjections.)

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