Scientific American

Special Issue: The Science of Being Human


Why we are unlike any other species on the planet.

This temporary site is for my friends who have an interest in this intriguing subject which has been my passion for 60 years.

I hope you enjoy your invitation to read this issue at your leisure. Allan. 2018

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2 Mental Abilities Separate Humans from Animals

A Singular Species_ The Science of Being Human

Ape to Man by Robert Ardrey

Are humans alone in the milky way

Are Humans the Only Conscious Animal

Artificial Intelligence Will Serve Humans, Not Enslave Them

Cities Are Forcing a New Era of Rapid Evolution

The Cultural Origins of Language

The Origins of Human Morality

War Is Not Part of Human Nature

What Made Us Unique

What Makes the Human Brain Special

Why Is Homo sapiens the Sole Surviving Member of the Human Family

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